Custom SoftwareGerman Metering GmbH

Custom Software

This article discusses custom software that is developed based on the needs of customers. Such software allows companies to provide....
Modem in the Remote Reading SystemGerman Metering GmbH

Modem in the Remote Reading System

Using a modem in the remote reading system has numerous benefits, integrating a modem into a remote reading system brings several benefits to both utility...
Electricity Meter Reading Software EMRGerman Metering GmbH

Electricity Meter Reading Software (EMR)

Electricity Meter Reading Software is used to monitor and manage electricity consumption. Smart meters record electricity usage and transmit the data to the utility.
Electrical Energy ManagementGerman Metering GmbH

Electrical Energy Management

Electrical Energy Management is a system of electronic devices and software used by power grid operators to monitor, control and optimize the performance...
Smart MeterGerman Metering GmbH

Smart Meter

A smart meter is an electronic device that records information such as electrical energy consumption, voltage levels, current and power factor.
Water Meter Reading SoftwareGerman Metering GmbH

Water Meter Reading Software

Water meter reading software is a technology for collecting consumption data from water meters and transferring the data to a central database for analysis and billing.
Meter Data Management (MDM)German Metering GmbH

Meter Data Management (MDM)

Meter Data Management (MDM) is a software that performs long-term data storage and management for large amounts of data delivered by...
Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)German Metering GmbH

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) refers to systems that measure, collect and analyze energy consumption and with measuring equipment such as meters.
Energy CalculationGerman Metering GmbH

Energy Calculation

As consumers, when we look at the amount of energy consumed and think about saving it, we naturally think of large appliances such as refrigerators,...
Remote ReadingGerman Metering GmbH

Remote Reading System

Remote Reading System is a solution that has come to help the industry to monitor, control and manage more easily and with higher accuracy.
Energy ManagementGerman Metering GmbH

Energy Management

Energy Management is the process of monitoring, data collection, analysis, reporting, billing and energy consumption optimization.
Meter ReadingGerman Metering GmbH

Meter Reading

Meter Reading has been carried out manually in the past. Reader recorded meter index into paper checklists. Meter Reading has progressed dramatically now.