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Efficient and intelligent solutions for the purpose of monitoring reading of electricity meters, gas meters, heating meters and water meters. German-Metering GmbH has the solution!

In recent years, energy costs and prices had experienced an enormous upswing. Therefore a particularly sophisticated reading of consumption data and information, for example, electricity meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters via GSM, GPRS, PSTN, LAN & PLC in terms of monitoring accuracy have become more important and almost indispensable.

Given the individuality of the requirements of our customers, we understand it as our company motto, to support you at projects in the field of smart metering with our own developed products for intelligent metering and reading of consumption data and information from planning to the production.

One of our products, an optical interface or an optical readout head, briefly called OP, is designed to transmit the consumption data, as whenever it is wished, via infrared within seconds.

We are experienced over 10 years in this sector with our own research and development.