GTC – General Terms and Conditions

1 General

Our offers, deliveries and benefits are conform to the following general terms and conditions.

Among advice to own terms of business conditions or rather conditions of purchase is herewith contradicted formally. Other general terms and conditions are only active, if they are acknowledged in written form by German Metering GmbH.

2 Offer

Technical and artistical differences of description and indications in brochures, catalogues, Internet pages and written documents as well as model-, construction and material change in course of technical advance are reserved, without affiliating rights against German Metering GmbH.

3 written form

All Agreements have to be in written form.

4 Guarantee

Shopping at German Metering GmbH is at no risk for you. German Metering GmbH is offering our German customers a 1 year “satisfaction guarantee”. The legal obligations of default, rescission and abatement of the purchase price or compensation are unattached.

4,1 the Guarantee entails

Should the quality of the items are below your expectations, we are willing to replace the OP at no charge and without bureaucracy for you. This is still valid, if there is not a legal case of withdraw or warranty.

4,2 Guarantee is void if

– Improper handling of the goods e.g. resorts of violence or damage through outside forces.
– Damage through defiance of the manual.
– Usual abrasion.

4,3 Guarantee period

The guarantee period starts at the time of the sale of the items purchased at German Metering GmbH.

5 Prices

All prices, offers and date agreements are not binding in case of unpredictable excess work at services for the order occurred through third-party sellers.

6 Delivery Conditions

We are not liable for delivery delays of our subcontractor. At the time of the delivery of the goods through the individual transport company the risk is with the buyer.

7 Payment

A payment is completed when the claim is being credited to German Metering GmbH´s bank account. Impermissible deductions are being charged afterwards. To make a benefits subject to pledge to German Metering GmbH is excluded.

8 Data-Security

The customer has agreed that his data is being saved and processed in the course of the business-relation. The processing and transmission of the data to the customer is corresponding to the legal requirements, especially the appointment of the data-security.

9 Place of fulfillment

Place of fulfillment is our place of business.

10 Place of jurisdiction

For all current and future requirements out of a business relationship with full-traders, including bill-of-exchange claims and check-claims the place of jurisdiction is without exception our place of business. The same applies, when the customer doesn’t have a place of jurisdiction within the country, moved out of the country after signing contract or moved to an unknown place at the time of the claim.

11 Applicable Law

The law of the federal republic of Germany is the one and only applicable.

12 Severability Clause

Should one of the above terms be void by law, the other terms will remain unaffected.

Dated January 2011