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Customer Management Module

A module of Modam (Meter Data Management)

Customer Management Module


Customer Management is one of the Modam platform modules that contains all the information and functions for managing and reporting on all customer data, including consumption, identification, etc. This module is part of the Customer Service module and includes specific functionalities related to customers. This module includes the management of reference and sub-metering, the management of consumption, alarms and power outages, as well as a comprehensive and practical GIS map of customers and many other useful functions.

The Customer Management module works closely with collection core module by retrieving meter and collected consumption data and using it to generate comprehensive and practical consumption, waste and grid reports.


  • Customer information data entry and management
  • Modular Design
  • Comprehensive and Practical Reports
  • Offline GIS Customer Map
  • Intuitive user interface and User-friendly Environment

Customer Information Management

Having a reliable energy grid which can deliver loads of energy to the customers flawlessly is a challenge which utility companies are dealing with every day. To be able to have a healthy energy grid, reliable flow of consumption data becomes an essential part of managing the energy grid. Interacting with customers in their legal processes with the utility company needs a Customer Service system which needs customer information, workflows and powerful engine.

Modam provides a complete customer service and management system for utility companies enabling comprehensive, reliable and easy management of all customer information, interactions, the interaction states and financial history, etc.

Modular Design

Software systems which have modular design implemented, enable developers and customers to have independent and interchangeable functions and systems as modules all-in-one solution. The Modam modular platform provides all MDM functions and systems in different modules.

Customer Management module is a part of Customer Service module which can be presented and used by utility companies which already have customer service systems or they receive customer information from other systems. Customer Service and Management has modular design enabling utility companies to benefit from Modam’s comprehensive, practical and reliable functionalities as they request and need.

Customer Management Module

Comprehensive and Practical Reports

One of the most important features of the Customer Management module is the provision of comprehensive and practical reports based on consumption data collected from energy meters and also from the energy grid configuration. Based on these reports, utilities can accurately and easily manage and analyze network consumption. The following reports are included in the Customer Management module:

  • Consumption Reports
  • Load Profile and Archive Data Reports
  • Collected Meter Data Reports
  • Reference and Sub-meter Reports
  • Reference Customer Waste Report
  • Power Outage Reports

Offline GIS Customer Map

Offline geographical customer map is designed and implemented in Customer Management Module which supports Lat/Long and UTM coordination systems. The map is designed to display customer location and their consumption with area consumption report and many other features. Both satellite and street layouts are available.

GIS Customer Map provides the following features:

  • Offline Map
  • Display all Customer Meters based on their Registered Location
  • Display Customer Consumption and Usages On-Click
  • Satellite and Street Layout
  • Consumption Calculation based on Selected Area
  • Sub-meter and Reference Meter Display using Arrows
  • Various Display Filters for Online, Disconnected, Specific Alarms, etc.
  • Different Icons for Different Equipment

Customer Management Module

Intuitive user interface, reducing training and operating costs

The operation education costs are of highest resource wastes that many companies endure. Also operating with multiple isolated systems and databases increases the education costs of employees and more than that, the rate of human errors leading to not reliable data thus reducing the business value. This normally increase when migrating to a new system.

Having an intuitive user interface that is designed by years of experience in the field and study over user experiences, reduces the costs of education by a great measure. An intuitive user interface provides a user-friendly environment that user performs all business-related processes without need to be educated. The only education needed for the employees will be the business itself.

Technical Specifications

  • System architecture: Layered with logical subsystems, and SOA based
  • Implementation platform: Web Base, Browser and device Independent
  • Database: RDBMS with SQL Server 2019
  • Communication with other related systems: SOAP with WCF
  • Framework: .Net Framework 4.5
  • Programming language: C#