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Billing Module

A module of Modam (Meter Data Management)

Billing Module


Billing Module is a part of Modam MDM platform in which billing operations are managed and all related reports for different business types such as water, electricity and gas sectors are provided in this module.

Billing System Module retrieves all debit/credit, consumption in the intended and last period and based on standard various tariffs and formulas, calculates the customer bill and issues it for debt collection. Modam MDM Modules are designed in a way that can work together and also with other software systems and be independent at the same time. Billing System Module can work and interact with Customer System Module and any other customer management software system and provide billing operations based on the information received.


  • Calculating and Issuing Customer Bills
  • Retrieval and Management of Tariffs
  • Customer Costs Management
  • Billing Periods Management
  • Utilizing Standard Formulas
  • Comprehensive and Practical Reports
  • Intuitive user interface

Calculating and Issuing Customer Bills

Billing customers for the energy they use is very important for utility companies. The production, transmission and distribution of energy is costly, so it is very important that these costs are compensated through billing and payment collection. Correct and accurate billing is a critical issue for utilities, as financial charges are the main revenue that enables them to cover production, transmission and grid development costs.

Collected consumption data from energy meters and customer information is transferred from customer service software and used in formulas to calculate and issue bills to customers based on tariff data, costs and information.

Retrieval and Management of Tariffs

All consumption tariffs, types, rates, costs and discounts are the fundamental parameters of any bill calculation. Storing and managing these parameters dynamically is a necessary feature of a billing system in utility companies although many billing systems lack the ability to dynamically manage the billing parameters.

The Billing System Module as a part of Modam MDMS platform, provides utility companies with dynamic and comprehensive management of all billing data enabling diverse applications in billing business and claims management.

Billing Module

Customer Costs Management

There are several fees that utility companies acquire from their customers like subscription fee, taxes, etc. Billing System module manages the customer costs data and uses them to generate bills effortlessly.

Billing Periods Management

Utility companies bill their customers on specific times and periods. These time periods are defined based on the political, geographical and human resources of a country or a utility company. Based on these periods, the customer consumption data is calculated and used to issue bills for the intended time period and customers pay for their subscription for the issued period.

The Billing System Module provides management of billing periods which are used in bill calculation, easy and dynamically.

Utilizing Standard Formulas

Formulas used in calculation of bills, are normally defined by energy ministries or utility companies based on geographical, political and cultural reasons. These formulas use the customer consumption rate and value plus costs, credit and debit values, etc. to calculate monthly consumption and billing data including subscription fee, average monthly consumption, etc. and finally calculate the consumption bill amount.

Modam enables dynamic formulas and base information management, providing utility companies to add and alter their formulas fast and efficient without need to re-publish billing software.

Billing Module

Comprehensive and Practical Reports

All business functions and data are measurable if they can be turned into actionable reports. Then the data becomes valuable and adds value to the business. Reports on billing functions are very important for utilities, as customer billing history is used to manage customer disputes.

The Modam Billing module provides comprehensive and practical reports on the bills issued to customers, enabling utilities to have a wide range of credits and debits.

Intuitive user interface, reducing training and operating costs

The operation education costs are of highest resource wastes that many companies endure. Also operating with multiple isolated systems and databases increases the education costs of employees and more than that, the rate of human errors leading to not reliable data thus reducing the business value. This normally increase when migrating to a new system.

Having an intuitive user interface that is designed by years of experience in the field and study over user experiences, reduces the costs of education by a great measure. An intuitive user interface provides a user-friendly environment that user performs all business-related processes without need to be educated. The only education needed for the employees will be the business itself.

Technical Specifications

  • System architecture: Layered with logical subsystems, and SOA based
  • Implementation platform: Web Base, Browser and device Independent
  • Database: RDBMS with SQL Server 2019
  • Communication with other related systems: SOAP with WCF
  • Framework: .Net Framework 4.5
  • Programming language: C#