OMNI Digital Log Sheet Solution

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution is a comprehensive solution designed to collect, manage and report field data usable by a wide range of industries, offering exceptional benefits and advantages. Omni provides an innovative solution for all types of industrial facilities, field operation companies and etc. enabling them to utilize fast and reliable data to optimize and develop their businesses at much higher pace.

Omni replaces paper logs and spreadsheets thus reducing a great amount of paperwork and providing comprehensive reports on recorded data. Benefitting from a flexible design, Omni is able to align itself with custom data gathering workflows.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution consists of a web-based platform and a data gathering android application designed to deliver a practical solution that can extremely increase business efficiency.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution
Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution

Making Industries Smarter

Industrial facilities, field operation companies and streamline-based factories are in need of accurate, reliable and fast data from each part of the working structure to manage their business and workflows at its best interest. The old method used to collect this data is using paper log sheets which must be filled by field inspectors and auditors and that is done by checking a device or status light or reading specific gauge and entering the record in the sheet. Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution makes it easier and smarter.

Offline Data Collection

Data collection using HHU (hand held unit) devices ease and speed up the process for inspectors and auditors by a considerable amount. Having the ability to transfer data from HHU device to the data center is a great value which is integrated in the Omni android application provided in this solution. Omni Digital Log Sheet application is designed to provide inspectors ability to collect data without network connection availability and instead transfer data whenever data collection process is done and network connectivity is available.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution
Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution

Regulating Data Collection Workflows

The items that must be checked or read and entered in the log sheets are in fact devices that are installed in industrial grounds. There are times that the check list or log sheet data must be done in a specific order by the inspectors or auditors. In these cases, the log sheets are designed in a way that inspector must enter data in the correct order, but the matter that the log sheet is paper, the inspectors can enter the data in the order they prefer causing risks and problems for the whole facility by not complying with the workflow thus acting outside of the standard.
Omni regulates workflows by giving the ability to sort entry items preventing irregular data entry and ensuring safety and management standards.

Detailed Reports

Reports are the main part of any monitoring and management system. Every manager needs to have a reliable and accurate report, providing means to manage and develop their business. Omni Provide comprehensive and practical reports on data gathered by inspectors giving extensive insights on flow and performance.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution
Digital Log Sheet

Workforce and Costs Reduction

When using paper log sheets, data is entered two times before it can be actually used for reports. This means that the data is once entered in the log sheet by the inspector and after the sheet is done, another operator must enter the data recorded in the paper sheet into the software or spreadsheet in the computer. This forces a lot of labor costs and increases the amount of human error in the data entry thus decreasing the validity of the data and also renders any report based on this data as invalid.
Omni provides data entry on-site using android application and transfers data to the system, eliminating unnecessary workforce, labor costs and increasing the data reliability using validations on data itself based on valid range defined by administrator and previous recorded data. Validation rules on each parameter entered for an item is configurable by system administrator. These validations can prevent major problems and increase safety and performance of the industrial facilities using this solution.

Improve Regulatory and Quality Audits and Inspections

Audits and inspections are crucial regulations in which ensure the performance and safety of the whole facility. The data gathered from these checks, is used to tune machines, devices, workflows and etc. to ensure best performance. This data combined with safety measures and validations, ensure the safety of the whole working cycle.
Omni provides inspection shifts management, validation rules on recorded data and comprehensive reports which help administrators monitor and manage great industrial facilities with best performance, opening the way for further development without concerns about the current phase performance.

Digital Log Sheet
Digital Log Sheet

Fast and Reliable Data

The availability of data at right time is a crucial need for industries which deal with great machines which tuning their performance is a must. Gathering data using paper log sheets waste great amount of time as inspectors must enter data on paper, and after the shift is complete, the computer operators must enter the read data from paper on sheets in the computer system. Also data can be lost due to incidents that lead to spoilage of the paper log sheet.
Omni provides android application that can be used by any tablet or cell phone or even on industrial grade devices running on android, giving inspectors and auditors ability to enter data for log sheets that they have access fast and accurate, reducing data entry time and paper clutter thus tremendously reducing costs.

Ensure Worker Compliance

There are times in which worker and by that we mean inspectors and auditors are not compliant to the rules, so they enter fake data in the log sheets that result in invalid data leading to mismanagement and bad performance of the whole facility.
Omni provides a solution obligating inspectors to be physically on-site to be able to enter data for the log sheet. By utilizing NFC tags installed on every item or any other category, the inspectors have to physically be at the tag location and for entering data, it is mandatory to first read the tag using the application via HHU’s NFC module. This feature can be disabled or enabled by administrator.

Digital Log Sheet
Digital Log Sheet

Keep Inspectors on-Track

Knowing the route inspectors use to collect data for the log sheet can help in reducing the inspection time thus receiving all data for the log sheet in lesser data. There are some cases which inspectors have to go unnecessary distances due to problem on the wrong machine order in the facility area or wrong inspection order defined by administrator for the specific log sheet. In these cases, corrections can be made by either physical changes in the facility area or inspection order optimization.
Omni provides systematic means to easily optimize inspection order. By utilizing this feature, facilities can optimize their workflows and reduce data latency thus increasing data collection efficiency.

Stay Connected to the Field

When you are dealing with industrial machines, it means that there may be faults categorized from warnings to critical. The inspections that are performed by the staff is mainly a preventive maintenance which increases the efficiency of the whole facility.
Omni provides various validations that help inspectors recognize faults depending on the item value. Whenever inspectors see fault based on data validation, they contact control rooms or their managers in order to rectify that matter immediately.

Digital Log Sheet
Digital Log Sheet

Manage Global Teams

Many inspections are done outside industrial facilities. Also there are companies that their headquarters is in a different place other than their factories or facilities. Omni provides capability of managing teams through their routes, log sheets and workflows from afar enabling companies to manage their teams globally.

How Omni Digital Log Sheet Works

Industrial facilities like power plants, factories, refineries and etc. can harness the power of Omni to regulate and develop their business at much higher pace. Omni delivers a package consisting of an android application and a web-based software.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution Diagram

Operating the System

Omni’s web based platform is designed to efficiently manage base information, inspection shifts, inspection routes and collected data and generate comprehensive reports needed by the industrial facility managers.
Administrators can define different category levels including the items in which data is being collected from and their relations, define log sheets, manage collecting devices and generate reports on inspectors, items and collected data.

Digital Log Sheet
Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution


Omni Android Application is used by inspectors and auditors who are responsible for collecting data from all meters, sensors, gauges and etc. in the field. Data collected by inspectors is transferred directly to the system via Wi-Fi or GPRS. Data can also be transferred to system directly using a USB cable through a pc having a windows data transfer client.
Omni Android Application utilizes an intuitive user interface designed to facilitate and speed up the data collection process. Having an intuitive user interface reduces the education costs by a great measure.