Software Developments and Programming

The research and development unit is responsible for researching, analyzing and developing customer-ordered software.
German Metering’s powerful software team with the ability to develop software on all available platforms such as Web-based, Android and Windows, programming of all software, development of frameworks according to customer’s needs, identification and analysis of processes and structures, development of safe and efficient databases, as well as carrying out software requests of customers according to their needs, are among the activities of our team.

We develop reliable software solutions for any business and industry. We keep up with technology and the latest IT advancements to deliver solutions and applications that completely fit your needs. This process consists of various stages, e.g., Planning, Analysis, Design, Development & Implementation, Testing and Maintenance. Contact us for more information about our software development services.

Device Products and Manufacturing

German Metering’s electronic R&D unit analyzes and designs energy companies devices and customer-ordered devices.
Our team manufactured devices for monitoring and reading measurement devices such as meters, sensors, etc. We are ready to make devices according to your needs. Also we design and develop needed software based on ordered devices.

Our most sold products are bluetooth optical probes and wired optical probes with various connectors such as USB-A, USB-C, micro USB-B, DB9F, D-Sub 9 Pol (male and female), DIN 5 Pin, RJ-10, RJ-45 and without connector (4 free wires).

Contact us for more information about our services.