OMNI Digital Log Sheet Solution

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution

Making Industries Smarter

Using one integrated smart, fast, reliable and optimized solution which encompasses collection, field management and reports enables industrial facilities to manage an develop their business accurately reducing their unwanted costs thus channeling the workforce and resources towards beneficial progress and opening new frontiers in their businesses.

Offline data collection

Omni Digital Log Sheet application is designed to provide inspectors ability to collect data without network connection availability and instead transfer data whenever data collection process is done and network connectivity is available.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution

Regulating data collection workflows

Omni regulates workflows by giving the ability to sort entry items preventing irregular data entry and ensuring safety and management standards.

Detailed reports

Omni Provide comprehensive and practical reports on data gathered by inspectors giving extensive insights on flow and performance.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution

Workforce and Costs Reduction

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution provides data entry on-site using android application and transfers data to the system, eliminating unnecessary workforce, labor costs and increasing the data reliability using validations on data itself based on valid range defined by administrator and previous recorded data.

Keep inspectors on-track

Omni provides systematic means to easily optimize inspection order. By utilizing this feature, facilities can optimize their workflows and reduce data latency thus increasing data collection efficiency.

Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution
Omni Digital Log Sheet Solution

Manage global teams

Many inspections are done outside industrial facilities. Also there are companies that their headquarters is in a different place other than their factories or facilities. Omni provides capability of managing teams through their routes, log sheets and workflows from afar enabling companies to manage their teams globally.


Fast and reliable data

Omni Digital Log Sheet provides android application that giving inspectors and auditors ability to enter data for log sheets that they have access fast and accurate, reducing data entry time and paper clutter thus tremendously reducing costs.

Ensure worker compliance

Omni provides a solution obligating inspectors to be physically on-site to be able to enter data for the log sheet.

Stay connected to the field

Omni provides various validations that help inspectors recognize faults depending on the item value.