Gas Meter Reader Android Application

Android Application
Gas Meter Reader Android Application
Encryption, OCR, NFC, Barcode Reader, Location Service, Graphs, SMS, Camera, Voice Recorder

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Gas Meter Reader is an Android app for reading gas meters that has all the features of a previous reader, bringing unique features and functionality. The new user interface, the ability to create reports and charts, and the ability to install on all types of phones and tablets, are just a part of the system’s capabilities.


  • Downloading and receiving subscriber information online
  • Immediate issuance of a bill and communication with the billing system
  • Send bill to subscriber after reading
  • Direct use of flash (As a torch)
  • Possibility to read mechanical meter counter with camera
  • Simultaneous sending of reading information to the server while reading
  • Common search by barcode, QR code and RF-id tags
  • Ability to identify authorized and registered devices
  • Ability to set the time and date of the device with GPS
  • Voice information input (operator voice recognition)
  • Possibility to continue working with the offline meter
  • View reading locations on the map and routing
  • Ability to shoot, video record, voice record and attach to a shared file
  • Possibility of general / regional / periodic High-Low
  • Encrypt transitional information between device and server


  • View and record subscriber information
  • Opportunity to register conflict, inspection and obstruction
  • New and unauthorized subscription registration
  • Ability to shoot, shoot and record audio
  • Ability to view the number of read and unread subscribers
  • Ability to view the number of subscribers having conflicting, obstructing or inspecting
  • Ability to view new, unauthorized and new subscribers
  • Various charts to show subscribers status
  • Ability to enter information for subscribers with unrestricted, inspectable, unread, etc. directly from the reports section
  • Camera meter readout capability
  • Possibility of general / regional / periodic highlights
  • Voice information input (Meterman Voice Recognition)
  • Encrypt transitional information between device and server
  • Advanced search in all the items entered in the software
  • Barcode scanning capability with interface software
  • It has all the previous features of a PDL-500 reader

Technical Specifications

  • Programming language: Java
  • API level: API 15
  • Data Bank: SQLite
  • Compatibility: Android 4+