Intelligent water meters remote reading and Data Management

WMDM Web-based Water Meters Data Management and Remote reading software

Intelligent water meters remote reading
Intelligent water meters remote reading
Intelligent water meters remote reading

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WMDM Intelligent Water Meters Remote Reading Software is a web-based software that provides users with varied needs for accessibility, compliance, integration and categorization, as well as integration and categorization. As a result, for ease of reading, it enables users to read subscribers as well as record events and errors recorded in the smart water meter remotely in both Offline and Online mode.


  • Ability to read and adjust parameters of smart water meters remotely with Offline and Online (Eliminating the need for an on-site reading officer)
  • Ability to program and schedule timings for automatic meter reading
  • Offers a high-zoom satellite map offline
  • Validation capability and logical validation of read data
  • Ability to announce alarms based on the events recorded in the meter and on the analysis of received data
  • Ability to apply adjustments to water meters through the modem and reporting various parameters
  • Ability to submit consumption financial reports, consumption surplus and…
  • Customer Portal (Subscriber access to meter information and view reports)
  • Ability to develop client-based software

Technical Specifications

  • System architecture: Layered with Logical Sub Systems
  • System execution platform: Web Base, Browser and Device Independent
  • Database: RDBMS with SQL Server 2016
  • Communication with other related systems: SOAP with WCF
  • Programming language: C#
  • Development framework: .NET Framework 4.5


  • Offline high zoom satellite map (no internet required)
  • Smart search
  • Ability to define filters for smart search
  • Instantaneous readout of all meter data:
    • Instantaneous meter values
    • Hourly archive
    • Daily Archive
    • Monthly archive
    • Meter Events
  • Define user group’s access level for all software components
  • Remote adjustment for most smart meter settings
  • Ability to send disconnect/connect meter command
  • The ability to automatically send commands to meters within specified hours or read their values
  • Ability to build a variety of reports
  • Complete registration of information such as geographic information, operating license and contract, which can produce reports according to them


  • Automatic data gathering: Storing, validating and archiving all meter data, the system can be adapted to the mass of subscribers
  • Automation of tasks: Create to-do lists and automatic alert notifications
  • Remote meter management: The system allows the operator to manage every parameter at the smart endpoints, including the use of sophisticated tariff structure, maximum demand regulation and…
  • Smart Network Management: Forecasting, load management, and shared portal remote access
  • Manage Database Access: Used for system validation, reporting, control and archiving
  • Momentum control and command: The central system is a web-based application that can be controlled at any time with a computer connected to the network or the Internet and securely connected.

System Architecture
Intelligent water meters remote reading

System Requirements

  • Server:
    • Processor(s) : 2 QUAD CORE – 2.2 GHz – 15 MB
    • Memory : 32 GB
    • Hard Drive : SAS – 15k – 600 GB
  • Default software installed:
    • Windows Server 2016
    • SQL Server 2016
    • IIS7
    • Net Framework 4.5
  • Open ports: 3-port 4-digit server (for remote reading service)