Test and Inspection Electricity Meters TIS-200

Test and Inspection Electricity Meters
Test and Inspection Electricity Meters
Test and Inspection Electricity Meters

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TIS-200 Test and Inspection Electricity Meters is a web-based application that provides convenient and user-friendly interface for accessing customer information by managing the input, integration and categorization of information. This software provides a comprehensive program to monitor and control the status of technical inspection of subscribers and helps organize its process. The program automates the full cycle of measuring equipment testing and maintains a record of all operations performed on the user.


  • Creating a single database to store information and test records
  • Online billing system to get the latest subscriber information
  • Online communication with the electrical reading system to receive reports from the reading agents about customer problems
  • Provide a cable to all individuals to investigate cases and problems referred to units
  • Ability to archive all subscriber testing and inspection records and display them
  • Ability to define overall annual schedules and report on subscriber progress
  • Identify problematic subscribers immediately after downloading device information and referring problems to relevant units
  • Ability to store test documentation
  • Providing management reports (comparing test statistics, test statistics charts, etc.)
  • Presenting Tavanir Distribution Company Reports (Single Page and Tavanir Distribution Test Results …)
  • Case Testing Requirements of the Billing System
  • Using a high security system to define users and their level of access
  • Manage users by organization chart and type of user
  • Submit test results and inspection reports to test agents and contractors to ensure its accuracy
  • Manage card based referrals
  • Ability to edit and record customer test and inspection information

System Architecture
In this system the information is collected by the test and inspection officers and discharged into the system. The information is then automatically transmitted to the server. The user can access and manage the information collected through web testing and inspection software.

Test and Inspection Electricity Meters TIS-200


  • Contractors subsystem:
    • Ability to define contracts according to the rules of distribution companies
    • Ability to specify contract amounts and details
    • Possibility of issuing a statement of status of each contractor as approved
    • Ability to determine possible rewards and deductions by mentioning item
  • Sealing subsystem:
    • Manage all stages of seal turnover from storage to installation in common place.
    • Ability to report from seals in stock
    • Ability to report missing or defective seals
    • Ability to report on delivery seals to anyone
    • Ability to report conflicting customer seals
  • Management reports:
    • Ability to prepare a list of quota areas
    • Ability to prepare officer performance reports
    • Ability to prepare progress reports
    • Ability to report officer abuse

Technical Specifications

  • System architecture: Layered with Logical Sub Systems
  • System execution platform: Web Base, Browser and Device Independent
  • Database:
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Oracle 11G
    • Oracle 12C
  • Other tools used: Microsoft Silverlight 5
  • Development framework and programming language:
    • .NET Framework 4.5
    • Net 4.0
    • C#