Optical probe OP-204

Optical probe OP-204 with USB-C Connector

Optical probe OP-204
Optical probe OP-204
Optical probe OP-204

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The Optical Probe OP-204 with USB output is an interface that communicates via infrared waves with a peripheral device such as an electric meter, water meter, heating meter or gas meter. All devices that support the European standard IEC 62056-21 (IEC 1107) work with this product.
The Optical Probe OP-204 with an USB-C connector is suitable for you, among other questions, if you would to read out consumption data by a peripheral device such as a computer or handheld device, which feature a USB host, and generally communicates with the meter.
You can use our Optical OP-204 on different operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, etc. use. The driver for this purpose is included.
Please note that for the use of this optical head customized software is needed, it does not come with the product.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need an Individual adjustment of our product.

Mechanical Description

  • Connector: USB-C
  • infrared filter against external light influences
  • Dimensions (Ø x H): approx. 32 x 26 mm
  • Magnetical holding force: > 15 N
  • Casing material: ABS
  • Cable: length 2 m, Ø 4,5 mm, four-wire cable LAPP GERMANY
  • Weight: approx. 90 gr

 Electronical Description

  • Standard: IEC 62056-21 (IEC 1107)
  • Power consumption: approx. 25 mA (communication process)
  • Operating voltage: 5 V from the USB interface
  • Data baud rate: 19200 bit/s
  • Electrical interface: USB 1.0
  • Communication: Half duplex
  • Wavelength: 880nm
  • Echo filter: yes