Gas meter data management software GMDM

Gas meter data management software
Gas meter data management software
Gas meter data management software

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Comprehensive Web-based GMDM software is designed and manufactured to read, remotely control, and manage the information of gas station stabilizers. In this system, by establishing a two-way communication with the correctors and using the remote reading module, the information related to the correctors is received and by saving in the software database, the necessary actions are taken regarding the management of the reading data. Also, this software has the ability to collect information and monitor the correctors installed in gas stations.

Advantages of the software

  • No need to refer and physical presence of people to different sites and especially faraway sites
  • Simultaneously Collect information
  • Information management and display and alarm detection in case of availability
  • Receive information from correctors simultaneously and in a short time
  • Speed, accuracy and efficiency in reading the values of correctors
  • Monitor the readings of the correctors on the station’s schematic map
  • It has a web base console
  • Connect the module by GPRS interface

System Architecture
In this system, the information is transmitted to the server through the GRS-100 gas correction remote reading system through the GPRS platform. The user manages the received data through the GMDM gas meter data management software through the web user interface.

Gas meter data management software GMDM


  • Ability to archive information in the database and reporting
  • Ability to automatically and simultaneously read correction parameters in 24/7
  • Ability to design a schematic map of gas stations
  • Ability to read registers, hourly archive, daily archive, monthly archive, Parameter correctors event
  • Ability to display station status based on exceeding station pressure or temperature alarm
  • Possibility of reading periodically from one hour to one year intelligently with fixed courses
  • Ability to perform readings of different values of the corrector using the schematic map of the station
  • Ability to display charts of read values of correctors
  • Ability to report and communicate with other software through Web Service

Technical Specifications

  • System architecture: Layered with Logical Sub Systems
  • System execution platform: Web Base, Browser and Device Independent
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Programming language: C#
  • Development framework: .NET Framework 4.5