Data Logger Android Application

Compatible with Web-based Data Logger Software

Data Logger is an Android operating system application for collecting information in industrial environments (power plants, petrochemicals and refineries). The new interface, the ability to create a variety of reports and charts, and the ability to use all the capabilities of a smart tablet, are just a part of the system’s capabilities. It’s installable on a variety of tablets and android phones, the program is an advanced alternative to the process of logging important parameters into the logsheet.


  • Get logsheet settings
  • Search by NFC (bar code and QR code on request)
  • Ability to identify authorized and registered devices in the system
  • Voice input for numeric fields (operator voice recognition)
  • Simultaneous sending of recorded information to the server while reading
  • Ability to shoot, record video, record sound
  • Ability to set the device’s time and date with the server
  • Ability to encrypt transitional information between device and server
  • Possibility of continued operator shift in offline mode
  • Direct use of flash (as a torch)
  • Graphical representation of registered and unregistered data as a percentage
  • Graphically display the data logging process of an item over a specified period


  • Ability to define the relationship between logsheet-equip and sub-equip-dynamically
  • Ability to get history information of each item online
  • Ability to report and display various charts on the device online

Android app for collecting information
The data collection software has a beautiful and user-friendly appearance, as well as fast data entry and retrieval. This interface is an ideal way to collect information, relying on years of experience working with different industries. On the software home page is a dashboard designed to provide the operator with the information needed and practical to read at a glance.

Registration and data entry
Data entry is done by sequential selection of unit, logsheet, equip and sub equip. At each step, the user is allowed to choose the next heading by selecting his own topic. A fast, easy, and user-friendly way of gaining years of customer relationship experience in collecting information will speed up data entry.

Charts and Reports
The most important thing after collecting information is the reports from the recorded information. Using reports, users can review the overall status of the tested factor and make the necessary decisions for the equipment to function properly. Reports include a variety of charts and a list of recorded values that allow the user to review information at other times and compare past values with current values.

Available values for registrable items are of different types. So entering any of this information is traditionally a daunting task. In Android data collecting software, it is envisaged that it will take as little time as possible to enter the data, and the process will be simple.

Data Logger Android Application

How it works

Technical Specifications

  • Programming language: Java
  • API level: API 15
  • Data Bank: SQLite
  • Compatibility: Android 6+
  • Display: 6″+