Data collector and management software Data Logger

Data Logger is designed and planned to collect information from industrial centers. In These centers designed logsheet to allow users to register daily information on these sheets, and can tailor various management reports to fit the information in the software.
This software is used by power plants, petrochemicals, regional power companies and other industrial centers to collect and report information on installed equipment.


  • With a web based platform and comprehensive database
  • Control of sending and receiving data
  • Two-way communication with automatic data collecting and receiving device (via serial port and USB)
  • Ability to define log sheet for all units with different items per unit
  • Ability to use RFID or NFC tags with the ability to define the log sheet or item to control the presence of the operator at the equipped location.
  • Ability to define technical specifications of the post (unit)
  • Reported registered log sheets (hourly, daily, monthly)
  • Ability to receive output from reports in predefined formats
  • Ability to draw graphs based on data received from the device
  • Ability to approve or disapprove registered data from the device
  • Ability to create and manage access levels

System Architecture
In this system, the information is transferred to the server by collecting and discharging it with the data collection device. The user manages the received data through the web data collection and management software through the web user interface.

Data collector and management software Data Logger

Access Levels

  • Ability to define user group access to subsystems
  • Ability to define user group access to software pages
  • Ability to define user groups access to new events, delete and edit
  • Ability to define each user’s access to posts (units)
  • Ability to define each user’s access to log sheets

Technical Specifications

  • System execution platform: Web Base, Browser and Device Independent
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Programming language: C#.NET, Asp.NET
  • Development framework: .NET Framework 4
  • Use the Ajax tool to speed up page loading
  • Send and receive information via web service (if using Android devices)
  • Use Silverlight technology to send and receive (If using PDL-400 devices)